Tips on Removing Tonsil Stones

By Anna C Watson

Sometimes people get little white clumps in the back of their throat known as tonsil stones. You might wonder just how to remove tonsil stones without actually having to get surgery to remove the entire tonsils. You can easily remove tonsil stones yourself with a simple method.

First, get a good mirror, preferably one with magnification so you can see all the way to the back of the throat. A flashlight can also be helpful when you go to remove tonsil stones and need good light. Using a toothbrush, you might be able to gently scrape the stone out of the tonsils. Q-tip is another good tool that allows you to "pry" the tonsil stone out gently without causing any pain.

If a toothbrush or a q-tip can't quite do the trick, there are other tools to remove tonsil stones such as an eye or medicine dropper. The dropper can create a suction that allows you to "grasp" the tonsil stone and then pull it out. Some people also opt to use a water pik. This tool creates a thin stream of pressurized water, which you can aim directly at the stone to get it to dislodge.

Coughing heavily often works well for people who have tonsil stones that are loose. In some cases people can simply cough to remove tonsil stones, and they will come right out. If all else fails, you might have to enlist the help of your dentist or ear, nose, and throat doctor who can professionally and safely remove those annoying white chunks in your throat.
Post Title : Tips on Removing Tonsil Stones

Tips on Removing Tonsil Stones,


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